The Link Between Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia & Memory

Could Your Stress and Anxiety levels be causing insomnia as well as memory loss?

Stress and anxiety (among many other things) cause a release of a hormone known as cortisol, which affects the functioning of your hippocampus -the part of your brain that records memories. People who suffer from anxiety, and whose levels of stress are extra high, are less able to record short-term memories and convert them into long-term memory.

Most of us have walked into a room, and stood there trying to remember why we were there, or have difficulty remembering where we left our keys. This can be a normal part of aging. However, for those suffering from anxiety and high stress, the ability to learn new things may be impacted as well.

Working with an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist to reduce anxiety and stress, has been proven to have a positive effect on your memory.

Does a high level of stress and anxiety contribute to insomnia or a lack of sleep?

Anxiety causes us to worry about the stress of our lives and prevents many
people from falling to sleep, leaving them sleep-deprived and lacking the
restorative levels of sleep necessary for healthy functioning. Therefore, creating insomnia. Many people describe a constant stream of thoughts coursing through their minds they can’t seem to shut off in order to fall asleep. Other’s wake up during the different phases of sleep and fail to return to deep level REM sleep. This lack of sleep also contributes to poor memory functioning.

 Start a sleep journal.
 Practice meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, and relaxation
 Monitor food and drinks and stop 3 hours before sleep
 Evaluate your sleeping environment making sure you feel secure, safe and comfortable
 Maintain a good work/life balance
 Keep track of sleep and waking patterns in your sleep journal
 Avoid stimulants such as smoking and alcohol before bed

 Keep the bed for sleeping and remove electronics

Where to go for help? A Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist or Life Coach to help reduce your overall anxiety and stress, leading to sleep improvement, and increased memory function.

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